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Fifty shades of green energy

Vincent januari 18, 2017 green electricity, green energy, Vision on the future of energy 0 reacties

How ‘green’ is the green energy that you consume? That question is difficult to assess and invites debate and discussion. So is it a waste of time going for a green power contract? Well no, it is having a tangible effect on the energy market, but do bear in mind the following caveats.

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Innovation is catalyst for customer experience in the energy sector

Vincent december 03, 2016 Vision on the future of energy 0 reacties

How can you use innovation in order to change the energy market to the customer’s benefit? That was the starting-point for the ‘June’ solution. That app ensures that energy-users always have the best price at their disposal and even takes their preferences into consideration. The developers, Vincent, Jannes and Georges, explain how their customer orientation leads to innovation.

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This is how our energy market could look in the future

Vincent november 30, 2016 Vision on the future of energy 0 reacties

Our energy model is hopelessly outdated: it lives off fossil fuels and is inefficient. But it’s not too late, things can be done differently and better. Why not, for instance, generate energy yourself and sell it to your neighbor whenever he needs it? New technologies will give you a helping hand.

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Crowdsourcingweek collaboration - energy & sustainability

Vincent november 24, 2016 Vision on the future of energy 0 reacties

To create a framework for Crowdsourcingweek Europe 2016, people from various backgrounds formed a work-group to reflect on the way to accelerate energy transition and the move to a more sustainable society. On the back of global warming, the topic is increasingly high on the agenda of a number of politicians. Besides, and probably more importantly, there seems to be a growing awareness on the[…]

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