Who's the cheapest energy supplier in March?

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Each month we make a quick comparison to raise awareness of the necessity to compare the tariffs of your energy supplier on a regular basis. We do not aim to make a complete and detailed comparison. Since energy suppliers change welcome deals on a daily basis during the month it could be that comparing on other days has different results.


cheapest energy supplier february 2017

Used data for the comparison:

  • Postal code: 2000
  • Day usage electricity: 1600 kWh
  • Night usage electricity: 1900 kWh
  • Gas usage: 18000 kWh
  • Comparison date: 06 / 03 / 2017

The cheapest energy supplier

In March 2017 the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest energy supplier is 522 €. For the cheapest energy tariff (Essent Fix 3 or 1 year) you pay 1542 € for one year of electricity and gas. You will pay the most for Luminus (Optifix): 2064 € for one year of energy.

The cheapest green energy

If we want to continue to enjoy affordable energy in the future, we need to transition as fast as possible towards a 100% sustainable energy future. More-over it is known that choosing a green energy tariff does not necessarily mean a more expensive energy price.

This month the cheapest energy tariff is actually a green tariff, so it does not cost anything more to go green.

There is off course a lot of debating on how green certain green tariffs actually are. What does this mean for your choice when you want to take environment into account? Read more about it in this blogpost.

The top 5

The difference between the top 5 suppliers is only 35 € in February. On spot number 5 we find product of Engie: Engie Easy Fix.

This is it for the short and quick comparison of the month. Don't forget to compare and switch regularly if you want to make sure not to overpay for your energy bill.

You want to calculate, compare and switch your energy supplier manually?

In that case you have sufficient choice between commercial price comparison sites such as (all Dutch or French): www.mijnenergie.be, www.tariefchecker.be, www.test-aankoop.be or you can compare via the online price comparison of the Flemish regulator in electricity and gas (www.vreg.be). (Caution: the VREG comparison site does not take promotions into account)

Other relevant websites in Belgium on switching energy supplier: 



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